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Innovation is not just about ideas; innovation means the successful implementation of new or different ideas that will significantly transform the quality and outcomes of care that we deliver.

The Centre of Perfect Care are keen to support innovation that reflects the priorities for Mersey Care. If you have an idea that you think could lead to an improvement, there are a number of questions to consider to explore your idea further:

Innovation improvements are important, however it is also important to ensure that innovation proposals reflect Mersey Care's strategic priorities and staff time and/or money is not invested in activities that will not provide.

Engagement and design thinking with service users and their family members is vital in all elements of innovation and improvement, as genuine co-production is often the difference between an innovation succeeding or failing. The whole design thinking process generates, tests and evaluates innovations before they become embedded into our service, the process often then produces original and creative innovations that may have not have been considered or designed if a traditional 'top down' method of design or improvement was implemented.