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Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement is about ensuring that we deliver high quality care based on the following Perfect Care priorities: Safe care, timely care, effective care, equitable care and person centred care.

The Model for Improvement and Innovation is an internationally recognised improvement tool that is designed to provide a framework for developing, testing and implementing changes that lead to improvement. The framework, which was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in the USA, includes three key questions to ask before implementing a change, and is supported by a process for testing change ideas using Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycles.

The Model for Improvement supports the process of taking the time to plan change and testing it out in small-scale cycles of change. Using this approach we can see what is working well and what is not, before we implement wholesale changes to systems.

See the attached booklet for further information on putting perfect care into practice

Key Questions to ask when:

Innovation activities or current best practice (internationally, nationally and locally) to understand what others are doing…….

There are a number of stages to undertaking improvement and innovation in practice:

Define the Aim and Change Idea: A clear project aim is a key task of any improvement work. It is important that the focus is on the problem you are trying to solve and not the solution you would want to implement. Important aspects include:

A useful tool to help you to get started is the Project Charter. It is a short document that defines the project aims and what/who is involved in the improvement activity. It outlines the project in a clear and simple way and acts as a reference point throughout the life of the project to help keep it focused on it's aims and goals.

We recognise that the people providing and receiving care are in the best position to identify problems in the way we do things and are also in a good position to identify how we can do things better. The Centre for Perfect Care are keen to support staff to generate and explore ideas that could improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of care that we deliver and through the Perfect Care priorities and developments such as the Mersey Care Innovation Awards.

We have developed a model of Innovation, underpinned by improvement science, to ensure that we explore ideas and test them out on a small scale to learn and evaluate the benefits before they are fully introduced into our services. Our innovation methodology enables co-creation, co-design, testing and an evaluation process to ensure that innovations developed are improvements, cost effective and 'fit' the expressed needs and expectations of people that will benefit from them.

Fair and Just Culture

‘Fair and Just Culture’ is a cultural shift we are promoting to ensure that we are operating the safest and most transparent working environment possible.

No Force First

No Force First is our restrictive intervention reduction programme that seeks to ultimately eliminate the use of physical intervention in in-patient areas.

Physical Health

‘Physical Health’ is an initiative to improve the physical health of people with serious mental illness and assess the effectiveness of best practice models

Suicide Prevention

‘Suicide Prevention’ is a commitment we’ve made as a Trust, which is the first of its kind in the country, to bring the suicide rate amongst our patients down to zero.