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Mersey Care is committed to delivering and sustaining quality research which improves care and treatment, contributes to better services and health for people with physical and mental health related problems, their carers or our staff.

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Research helps turn interesting theories into real benefits and is often the only way to develop better treatments and interventions. People receiving care now benefit from research that has already taken place and will continue to benefit from it taking place today and in the future. The NHS has made great progress in developing new treatments but there is still a lot that is unknown. Research can answer questions, fill gaps in knowledge and change the way treatment is delivered.  Research results in improved treatment and care for you and your family.

Most research projects need the help of those people living with a particular health condition to ensure they are effective. We are proud of our record of involving service users and carers in our research and the contribution their lived experience brings to our work.  Our studies range from genetic studies and questionnaires, to highly complex, randomised controlled trials testing drugs and therapies.

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The NHS Constitution pledge to all patients: "to inform you of research studies in which you may be eligible to participate"


Research Staff Team

Contact our Research team whose mission it is to deliver and sustain quality research which improves care, treatment and contributes to better services and health.

Get Involved

Learn more about how to get involved in research or innovation projects that contribute to better health for people with mental health related problems.

Studies Recruiting

Find out more about what research and innovation projects we are currently recruiting participants for, from service users and carers as well as staff.

Submitting Research

Find out more about what defines projects as research, how to gain ethical approval for research and learn more about how to submit your work to the Trust