Banner image for Otsuka Health Solutions (OHS) MAST Dashboard

Otsuka Health Solutions (OHS) MAST Dashboard

Community Mental Health Nurses in Mersey Care are piloting an innovative system giving them the kind of dashboard view of their caseloads previously available only to managers.

The OHS “MAST” system allows them to see at a glance how many and which of their caseload are more likely to need to use crisis services, or are potentially suitable for discharge to primary care services.  The display also highlights complexities such as accommodation issues, or if a service user has drug and alcohol problems.  It helps keep track of review dates.

Charlotte Hudson and Amy Riley community mental health nurses based in the Community Hub at Baird House said “It is really helpful at a team level.  Supervision meetings are more effective as it is so much easier to allocate fair caseloads to staff, based on evidence.” “The MAST system is good in meetings to discuss who is in crisis and needs increased support.”  Her manager Adam Drage agreed“ It helps identify who we should focus our clinical discussions and management plans around –the dashboard helpfully reflects back the information required to stimulate an effective MDT discussion, taking the pressure off clinicians having to retain everything in their memories. It will help us to be a safer and more efficient service”

MAST is being trialled at the moment.   It depends on the accuracy of data in the patient record, but the tool is rapidly helping to improve this, for instance by highlighting service users incorrectly allocated to a particular care cluster.  The move to the new RiO patient record system will also help to improve accurate data capture. 

Adam thinks “the system has great potential”.