Centre for Perfect Care.

We've established a Centre for Perfect Care, whose mission is to help our staff continuously improve services we provide today, whilst addressing the physical, mental health, addiction, learning disability care & wellbeing challenges of the future.

About Us

Learn more about why the Centre of Perfect Care was established and about the vision we have to improve mental health services, as well as to address the challenges within this field.

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Contact the team behind the Centre of Perfect Care whose mission it is to help our staff to continuously improve the services we provide, whilst addressing the mental health challenges of the future.

Suicide Prevention

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has committed to an audacious goal of working towards zero suicide, based on the belief that suicide is preventable and amenable to intervention.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement is about ensuring that we deliver high quality care based on the following core priorities: Safe care, timely care, effective care, equitable care and person centred care.


Mersey Care is committed to delivering and sustaining quality research which contributes to better services and health for people with mental health related problems, their carers or our staff.


The HOPE(S) model is an ambitious human rights based approach to working with individuals in segregation developed from research and clinical practice.


The main focus of the Audit Teams work includes Clinical Audit, Management of the AMaT (Audit Management and Tracking) System and Implementation of NICE Guidance.

Evidence Services

The Evidence Service is a dedicated team of information professionals whose aim is to put evidence at the heart of clinical and corporate decision making within our organisation.


Innovation is not just about ideas; innovation means the successful implementation of new or different ideas that will significantly transform the quality and outcomes of care that we deliver.