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Our Work

As part of Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, a leading organisation in the provision of physical, mental health care, addiction services and learning disability care our work revolves around striving to provide perfect care.

We are currently working on a number of projects which enable us to improve the services we provide, whilst also addressing the mental health and wellbeing challenges of the future. To find out more about our work and the types of projects we are currently involved in please select one of the boxes below:


The main focus of our work includes Clinical Audit, Management of the AMaT (Audit Management & Tracking) System & Implementation of NICE Guidance


Scores obtained via this study will be utilised by staff to engage in discussions about supportive systems that can be implemented to manage complex patients.


Aims to enhance the capacity of Liverpool City Region to be a centre of excellence in developing and scaling smart and innovative healthcare solutions.

Fair and Just Culture

‘Fair and Just Culture’ is a cultural shift we are promoting to ensure that we are operating the safest and most transparent working environment possible.

Global Digital Exemplar

As a Global Digital Exemplar we're working on projects looking at delivering exceptional care, efficiently, through the use of digital technology and information.

HOPE(S) Model

The HOPE(S) model is an ambitious human rights based approach to working with individuals in segregation developed from research and clinical practice.


A service for people presenting with Self Harm to Accident and Emergency and provides brief psychological intervention over 4 week period.

Innovate Depression

Describes a potential framework for how innovative ideas, products, solutions could be managed in Mersey Care and work with other internal stakeholders.

Transparency Learning

Our 'Learning through transparency' work is looking at the implementation of a clinical enterprise risk management and safety system.

No Force First

No Force First is our restrictive intervention reduction programme that seeks to ultimately eliminate the use of physical intervention in in-patient areas.


Through a unique collaboration, we are pioneering The Partnership for Patient Protection (P4P2) programme that identifies and then mitigates key clinical risks.

Physical Health

‘Physical Health’ is an initiative to improve the physical health of people with serious mental illness and assess the effectiveness of best practice models

Safety Planning

An evidence based collaborative, recovery orientated clinical intervention between the service user, practitioner and a “significant other” in a position of Trust.

Suicide Prevention

‘Suicide Prevention’ is a commitment we’ve made as a Trust, which is the first of its kind in the country, to bring the suicide rate amongst our patients down to zero.