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Training and events

We deliver high quality training and events. We have a menu of training offers but can also provide bespoke training for you and your organisation according to your requirements.

Our training offer may include clinical and non clinical training aligned with the extensive services that we provide. Events are focussed on: conference hosting, networking, best practice sharing and raising awareness.


Dementia Training

We offer Tier 1 dementia training which is a 2.5 hour interactive session including Dementia Friends. Tier 1 training is to familiarise people with recognising and understanding dementia, interacting with those with dementia, and to be able to signpost patients and carers to appropriate support. We discuss: types of dementia, an introduction to the brain, what can go wrong, risk factors, treatments, understanding the impact on the person and family, symptoms and available treatments.

We offer Tier 2 dementia training which is a two day course for health and social care staff who are working with people with dementia. It aligns with the many learning outcomes of Tier 1 training and is a more in depth look at dementia, person centred care and the experience, understanding behaviour, and the challenges faced by people with dementia and therapeutic interventions.

We also offer bespoke training sessions and consultancy tailored to the needs of individual audiences. Examples of what we can offer are shown below:


Diagnostic Assessment for Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The service offers assessment and diagnosis of (non-LD) ASD, followed by post-diagnostic interventions which range from 1:1 clinical input (for example, clinical psychology, nursing, occupational therapy) and also group interventions. Such interventions offer awareness and acceptance for people with (non-LD) ASD and their families from both professionals and the wider community.

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Learning Disabilities Awareness Training


Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental health awareness training provides an overview of mental health problems, outlining some of the symptoms and effects, and explains what you can do to help others feel supported and encouraged. The course aims to promote positive mental health and understanding of the stigmas around mental health.


No Force First / Reducing Restrictive Practice

Mersey Care has brought together the key elements of its award winning, nationally recognised ‘No Force First’ programme to reduce restrictive practices, in order to formulate a comprehensive guide for its inpatient areas. It enables and supports teams to fully implement the main changes required to deliver compassionate, person centred and least restrictive care for the people using its services.


Personal Safety Training

The theoretical elements of personal safety training are a key driver for the workforce development required to enable us to deliver our award winning ‘No Force First’ programme. Theoretical components make up the main elements of the course, reflecting the national momentum towards a less coercive and more person centred approach to supporting people who may present with challenging behaviour.


Resilience Training

Building personal resilience - This is a half day programme designed to help individuals understand and recognise their own stress, and equip them to proactively build resilience.

Building resilience in a team - This course is aimed at team leaders and managers who want to build resilience within their teams during periods of pressure. It will provide an introduction to resilience and identify the skills and techniques often portrayed by teams that have a high degree of resilience.

Building resilience through change - This workshop provides employees of all levels with an understanding of the psychology of workplace change and how to adapt to and proactively support colleagues through uncertainty and ambiguity.


Suicide Awareness

We offer level 1 and level 2 suicide awareness training designed for use in healthcare settings. Level 1 is an online training module and level 2 is a one day training course. We also offer bespoke suicide awareness training packages that are tailored towards the needs of your organisation.



THRiVE is an exciting and challenging Leadership and Management Programme which helps individuals to develop their managerial competence and engage and inspire others to achieve transformation. THRiVE participants explore the leadership style, culture, relationships and infrastructures that are required to enable teams to achieve sustainable high performance.