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HOPE (Hospital Outpatient Psychotherapy Engagement)

HOPE is a service being delivered by Trust staff in the Hospital Mental Health Liaison Team at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. It is a service for people presenting with self harm to Accident and Emergency and provides brief psychological intervention over four weeks.

In collaboration with researchers from the University of Liverpool a robust evaluation of this service has recently been completed. There were two main research aims. Firstly, to validate and evidence the use of model combining Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy (PIT) and Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) in the specific treatment of self harm and secondly to evidence any potential improvements in patient psychological well-being following the service intervention.

This project has resulted in funding from Liverpool CCG to look at the feasibility of delivering this service in the community rather than in a hospital setting. This project will run until August 2017 and depending upon the outcome a further bid is planned to test delivery in community settings. We are working in collaboration with researchers at the University of Liverpool to evaluate the effectiveness of this initiative.