Appleby: Sudden Death in psychiatric in patient and the relationship with psychotropic drugs (NCIS - SUD)

20 Dec 2017

This project within the NCISH, examines sudden and unexplained psychiatric inpatient deaths.

Summary: For each in-patient death, the responsible consultant is sent an eligibility sheet (determining if the death meets the SUD criteria) followed by a questionnaire covering topics such as demographic information, psychiatric history, diagnoses, physical health, substances taken, details of final admission and circumstances of death. Clinicians also follow the same procedure and complete a questionnaire for a control subject.

Speciality: Mental Health

Division: Trust Wide

Status: Open

Study start date: 18/12/2001

Study end date: 31/03/2018

Perfect Care goal: Zero Suicide

Lead Investigator: Professor Louis Appleby

Sponsor: University of Manchester

If you'd like to take part in this study please complete our consent to contact form: HERE