McQuillin, DNA Polymorphisms Into Mental Illness (DPIM)

20 Dec 2017

This study began in 2004 and aims to collect DNA samples (blood or saliva) for genetic investigations from 1000s of volunteers with several different mental illnesses.

Summary: The study is actively recruiting for (i) Bipolar (ii) Schizophrenia (iii) Alcoholism and (iv) healthy controls. Trust CSOs consent and take samples. There has been a recent recruitment drive in V7 for healthy volunteers and the team will be looking to attend other staff areas in the future. Staff are asked to highlight to relevant participants.

Speciality: Mental Health

Division: Trust Wide

Status: Open

Study start date: 26/08/2004

Study end date: 31/12/2017

Perfect Care goal: Physical Health

Lead Investigator: Dr Andrew McQuillan (previously Prof. Hugh Gurling)

Sponsor: Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health Trust

If you'd like to take part in this study please complete our consent to contact form: HERE