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Submitting Research

What defines projects as research, how to gain ethical approval and how to submit your work to the Trust.

Is my project research and does it need ethical approval?

Not all projects are research. For example many service evaluations and service improvement initiatives also generate important and useful information which contributes to better services.

If you are not sure if your study would be classed as research this link may help:

If your study is research you may also need external ethical approval. This link will help you decide:

If your study is service evaluation please follow this link: Evaluation Process

If you need any further advice please email a member of the R&D team or contact the generic email for help:

How to submit a research application?

If your project is research you will need to follow a number of set processes for review and approval.

The R&D process chart explains this in more detail
This checklist will help you identify the documentation required
You will also need to provide a brief Research CV